Caramel Apples

Today my son and I decided to make homemade caramel apples for our Halloween get together. I had so much fun watching him cook. He wore a little apron and was the boss of the kitchen. I love moments like this. He worked hard and they tasted soooooo good. He may have a career as a chef lol. He is already asking when we can start our Christmas cookies. He is always my little helper. We had a fun filled day of cooking and then we got dressed up to go trick or treating. My youngest was a Jedi, my oldest was Facebook, (very clever by the way) and I just wore a glow mask lol. After walking FOREVER in the cold, we headed home to unload the goodies. I know my kids are in bed fighting off a sugar high and trying hard to go to sleep. It's only once a year so I always let them enjoy. I will probably regret this decision tomorrow though. haha


You Gotta Laugh

Today while driving to our camp to close it for winter, our truck decided it had had enough and died. We were stopped on the side of the highway. While waiting for Triple A to come, we decided to explore the area around us and found a deer antler. After 2 hours of waiting and exploring, the tow truck showed up, and we could leave when my son who is 7 remarked "this has been a really great day!" Who knew being stranded by the side of the road would be so enjoyable lol. I have a bowl in our living room where we keep our "great finds" as my son calls them, so we added the antler to it. You just have to laugh. It does make you stop and realize how life could be so simple with a 7 year old attitude.

Spending Some Family Time

Our finished pumpkins
What an amazing month. Last night we carved our pumpkins preparing for Halloween. The kids love this sooo much. I love the ideas that they come up with in there minds. I always let them be creative, it's just hard stepping back and watching my kids with a knife lol. I can't wait for the upcoming Holidays and I'm trying a new craft. I am working with felt and trying to make some homemade toys this year for Christmas. I will post pictures of my progress later. I am just going to have some fun.


Enjoying Fall

I love this time of year. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and it is beginning to cool down. I decided today to let the girls out to roam. I have 5 chickens that i have always referred to as "the girls".  I could sit and watch them for hours. I took pictures of them and our yard. I love living in the country, you always have nature around you and amazing photo opportunities. Today is defiantly soup weather, which means its getting closer to the holidays. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just love having family around.


I have a doll that I made that I just can't figure out the face. I can't find something that I love yet so its still a work in progress.  My son is in love with the bear, and thinks it is perfect. They were super duper easy to make. I enjoyed making both but just can't seem to finish her face. aggh!!!!!


Enjoying Nature

I had such an amazing summer taking pictures of nature around us. I am in the process of making my new line of necklaces. My last line was donated to the Triumph Gala's silent auction in support of breast cancer. I am trying some different things this year so I hope they are successful.