Merry Christmas

After an exhausting week of Christmas, I can finally get on a wish everyone a belated "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!" We had 4 Christmases is a roll. It was so fun seeing the family and spending time with everyone. My kiddo's LOVED there gifts and we have been playing with all the new things ever since. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

My kids opening their Santa sack full of toys.


Our First Big Snow

Last week we had our first big snow of the season and the kids loved it! I couldn't get them in the house. They got out of school 2 days early due to bad weather but they weren't complaining ha ha. If the weather stays like it is we will be having a white Christmas.
On Saturday we hosted our company Christmas party and today we had my Dad's family Christmas party so I am worn out. Tomorrow we are planning on a little lite shopping and then seeing a movie. After a crazy weekend of parties I need a slow day!


Christmas Cookies

Last night we started our Christmas cookies. 
We rolled and cut out dozens of gingerbread cookies.

We waited for them to cool.
I gathered my helpers to ice the stacks of cookies.
After all the work here are the finished products. I had a ball watching there creative little minds working. They competed over who's cookie was better.



Remember, I didn't haha!
I have spent an hour helping my son study for up coming finals for Algebra. I HATED Algebra in high school and it seems to run in the family haha. Next I have to help my youngest with his homework. I know his won't challenge me. God help me if I can't do second grade homework lol.

See the difference. I am going to have to brush up on Algebra before tomorrow. We have to start studying Chapter 4.


Last night I made some ornaments for an upcoming ornament exchange. I love messing with clay. It reminds me of my childhood days playing play-doh for hours on end. I still have to make 9 more ornaments for my advent calender, and was asked by my  nephew last night if I could make him one. I guess I'm making one more calender. Wish me luck, the last one about did me in haha.
This is my happy tree  

Here is my Santa

Follow the Star

This is my grandpa
Friday night my Aunt and I took the kids to "Follow the Star" at my grandparents church. It was so neat. You are assigned a family and then travel to Bethlehem. You have to pass the Roman soldiers (which scared my youngest. lots of yelling). Then we meet the 3 wise men and they told of there journey in search of a new born king.We followed the path and meet Shepard's and the angel Gabriel appeared and told us of the birth of Jesus. We went to the town of Bethlehem and then found Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in a stable. They had live animals which my boys loved. The camels where amazing. We really enjoyed ourselves, and can't wait to do it next year.


Advent Calender

I have been trying to do an advent calender for my kids. I got the idea from a fellow blogger homemade by Jill, who made a challenge to anyone willing to do it. I have poked myself millions of times with the needle. I have screamed, and trashed felt ornaments ,and swore I would never do this again. haha . I am not finished but I am getting closer so I thought I would post some pictures of my progress so far.
I finally got it done!