I'm Back!!!!

What a wild couple of months. I have had a lot going on and not enough hours in the day. Let me get you caught up with our life. First my youngest turned 8 and we had a pirate party for him. It was a total blast.
my birthday boy

We made our own ship for the party guests to play on. The cake was made by a local bakery here that I use for every occasion.
 He was so surprised by the cake that he didn't want us cutting into it. It was amazing. I don't know how they do these cakes like that but they are miracle workers.
The ship we made was done out of card board and my mother in law painted the front of it. The cannons are paper plates, and she made the octopus out of an old blanket. This was a hit with all of the kiddos.

After a much deserved rest, haha. We prepared ourselves for my oldest sons talents in the play "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". It was amazing. I can't get over that it is only a high school performance. These play sold out of all 3 performances both weekends, and they added an extra show which sold out as well.
He is on the left. He was part of Augustus Gloop's entourage .

I would like to add that during the first weekend of the play, my neighbors house caught fire and now has been deemed a total loss. There oldest daughter was in the play with my son and  it was during this time that I was truly inspired by her. She is  a senior in high school and her attitude towards losing everything was remarkable. She continued to perform spot on every night even after being displaced for several days. She wrote this on facebook the night of the fire and I wanted to share it with you. It left me speechless. She is a remarkable person. I honestly do not think I could have had this much grace at her age  in the face of  this kind of tragedy.
"Thank you to everybody who has given their love and support: We are all okay, but the house is gone. We have to thank God for our blessings, of which there are too many to count, not least of which are our wonderful family and friends. God has a grand plan for us, and I have put my complete faith and trust in him."
Then one of my beloved girls died after passing a rather large egg. Peep will be greatly missed.
Peep was the white one.
The egg on the left was the egg that killed her.

 After many family discussions we decided to get 2 new chicks to replace Peep. (We only wanted 1 chick, but baby chicks don't do well by themselves so we decided to get 2.) They are so cute. The boys can't leave them alone.
This is Peep and Hobo. 

Finally, Its Spring Break!!!!! I have lots of pictures of our many adventures of the week, but Spring Break officially ends today and I have to get kids ready for school so I will post our Spring Break week on here this week. TTFN (ta ta for now)

The Band of Misfits

I had such a surprise when 2 weeks ago we had visitors. I went to check my chickens and was shocked to find 2 turkeys and a chicken walking around outside. When they saw me they ran away, and I cracked up at this sight. After that they have become regular visitors to our yard. I had to name them so the chicken is Henny Penny, The first turkey is Thelma, and the last turkey is Louise. They are getting brave enough to come to our front and back porch. They have even roosted on our railing out back. I will keep you informed of there comings and goings. I laugh myself silly at the sight of the traveling chicken and turkeys. My mother in law thinks that Thelma and Louise can't have kids so they have adopted Henny Penny. What do you think is the story behind the band of misfits?
The band of misfits

Henny Penny




"I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow." We are covered
 with snow, and the kids are loving it!! Sophie is loving it too!!! 




Field Trip

Friday was Preston's first second grade field trip. We went to the science center and he had a blast!!!
we learned about animals.

he learned about building a safe road.
 his favorite was the space capsule. He wouldn't get out of it.



Nature Pictures

I recently put pictures on the computer from my camera and found some really amazing nature shots that I forgot about. I tried all summer to get a picture of the humming bird that came to my mother in laws house to visit. I fianally got it!!!
I love this picture!

I took a picture of the sky in late November and had to share.

I love horses. I just think that they are magnificent animals so I had to put a picture of my father in laws horses.

The brown one is Vader and the white one is Kat.


Merry Christmas

After an exhausting week of Christmas, I can finally get on a wish everyone a belated "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!" We had 4 Christmases is a roll. It was so fun seeing the family and spending time with everyone. My kiddo's LOVED there gifts and we have been playing with all the new things ever since. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

My kids opening their Santa sack full of toys.


Our First Big Snow

Last week we had our first big snow of the season and the kids loved it! I couldn't get them in the house. They got out of school 2 days early due to bad weather but they weren't complaining ha ha. If the weather stays like it is we will be having a white Christmas.
On Saturday we hosted our company Christmas party and today we had my Dad's family Christmas party so I am worn out. Tomorrow we are planning on a little lite shopping and then seeing a movie. After a crazy weekend of parties I need a slow day!