"I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow." We are covered
 with snow, and the kids are loving it!! Sophie is loving it too!!! 




Field Trip

Friday was Preston's first second grade field trip. We went to the science center and he had a blast!!!
we learned about animals.

he learned about building a safe road.
 his favorite was the space capsule. He wouldn't get out of it.



Nature Pictures

I recently put pictures on the computer from my camera and found some really amazing nature shots that I forgot about. I tried all summer to get a picture of the humming bird that came to my mother in laws house to visit. I fianally got it!!!
I love this picture!

I took a picture of the sky in late November and had to share.

I love horses. I just think that they are magnificent animals so I had to put a picture of my father in laws horses.

The brown one is Vader and the white one is Kat.