Remember, I didn't haha!
I have spent an hour helping my son study for up coming finals for Algebra. I HATED Algebra in high school and it seems to run in the family haha. Next I have to help my youngest with his homework. I know his won't challenge me. God help me if I can't do second grade homework lol.

See the difference. I am going to have to brush up on Algebra before tomorrow. We have to start studying Chapter 4.


  1. Oh- I hated Algebra, too! This has been the hardest subject for me to teach. Whenever our schedule allows, I ask my husband for a tutorial. One other source of help I found was other homeschool students. Sometimes they can show you (or your child) in an easy to understand way.
    Isn't it amazing what we truely don't use or forget when we leave the school years?

  2. I hope you both get better with more studying. I wish I could help you,however I was never good in many classes outside of Art and Stage Crafts (not a tekkie)!