The Band of Misfits

I had such a surprise when 2 weeks ago we had visitors. I went to check my chickens and was shocked to find 2 turkeys and a chicken walking around outside. When they saw me they ran away, and I cracked up at this sight. After that they have become regular visitors to our yard. I had to name them so the chicken is Henny Penny, The first turkey is Thelma, and the last turkey is Louise. They are getting brave enough to come to our front and back porch. They have even roosted on our railing out back. I will keep you informed of there comings and goings. I laugh myself silly at the sight of the traveling chicken and turkeys. My mother in law thinks that Thelma and Louise can't have kids so they have adopted Henny Penny. What do you think is the story behind the band of misfits?
The band of misfits

Henny Penny



  1. How interesting...2 wild turkeys and a chicken...traveling around together, that's a new one for me! I'll have to check with some of my rural friends who've lived rurally all their lives and see if they've ever see or heard of such a union! The turkeys are perhaps the reason the chicken is still alive...they would have a higher level of instinctual self-preservation! Chickens can be a little scatty (scatterbrained) sometimes ;)

  2. How unusual! I have never heard of this. We raise turkeys and chickens- they strongly dislike each other, so we keep them separated. You truly have a unique situation. Enjoy.

  3. How funny is THIS! What odd traveling companions, for sure - we could take a lesson from them, I'm sure! Happy Wednesday - Tanya