Felting, Felting, Felting

I added some more food to my sons felt food collection. I promised a Thanksgiving Dinner before Thanksgiving. I still have to make a pumpkin pie. I also made a strip of bacon and an egg. I was asked if I could make pancakes as well so after the pie, I will try pancakes.

Here are the pancakes I promised my son.  I also made a can of tuna just for fun. Everyone needs can goods in there kitchen haha. 


  1. Wow you did great on the mashed potatoes and gravy. The green beans look real. Keep it up and you will have their play Thanksgiving meal complete.Then it's on to the real food...not as much fun huh?

  2. I love your felted food! Your children must be in heaven with such fun play food. I have spent so much money on felted this, that, and the other I feel a need to attempt the craft myself. I'm predicting that my first piece will not look as good as your food and I will just give up and continue to purchase.