Why oh Why

Have you ever had one of these days where you could pull your hair out and its not even 9 in the morning. I have been trying to get over a sinus infection (the weather is not wanting to help) so I have not been feeling good. I woke up at 5:30 as usual to start the kids off to school. My oldest tried to sleep in haha but I got him to the bus on time, my youngest however woke up whiny, feverish, and coughing.  Every mom knows what that means. A kid at home with a possible trip to the doctor. I starting meds for the fever and calmly telling him he will be fine. (he is a worrier lol) After what felt like an eternity the coughing calmed down, fever disappeared and a hyper 7 year old was left. (Normally my baby is so sweet, but when he is sick watch out!) I made a doctor appt. cleaned spilled juice, toys, and what ever food was dropped while trying and stress trying to keep him laying down. ( I swear Tylenol makes him way more hyper) He crashed for a nap and I was left with an hour of peace. Unfortunately that meant an hour to clean do dishes and get in the shower before leaving for a doctors appt. After doctors, store for prescription, and shopping for dinner(which ended up being pajamas and a toy) I opted to pick up chick-fil-la, head home and crash on the couch and try to get rid off the beginning of a massive headache. I thought by the time I got home my oldest son and my husband would be home. Haha. My oldest was home from school, but  had 10 kids over playing football( which immediately set the youngest into a "why can't I play" plead) and my husband had a late meeting. Unable to lay down I played a game with youngest, while we ate and waited for daddy to come home. After what I would call an exhausting day(please remember that I am sick as well, which we found out at the doctors that I have his cold on top of my sinus infection), I  have finally managed to have the house in order and I'm getting ready for bed. I know I will have another interesting day because my youngest still has a fever and it looks like I will have company tomorrow haha.

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  1. There is an advantage to having grown children! Hope everyone is well and back to school now.