We put our tree up tonight. I love this time of year. My kids are getting bigger and it seems like time just flies by. It's little moments like putting ornaments on a tree together that I truly cherish. I get so sentimental when I see there little master pieces of years ago. My favorite ornament of my 15 year old was his hand print when he was 5. My favorite from my 7 year old is his first clay ornament he made when he was 2. It seems like only yesterday we where celebrating  Their first Christmas.
 See they are adorable!
Two years ago we had my oldest blow his own glass ornament. That was a blast!
I would like to show you all my Christmas box. My mother-in-law, made this for me last year for Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful.You have to check out her blog.


  1. I love homemade ornaments, but I'm not quite ready for the tree to be up yet- you're way ahead of me. Of course, it could be the 80 degree weather with 83% humidity we are having this week..not very Christmas-y weather.

  2. We are supposed to be getting snow Friday. I can't wait. I love cold weather!!!!