Happy Thanksgiving

I know that I am posting this early, but I am going to be extremely busy for the next couple of days preparing for Thanksgiving and I don't know if I will have time to get on here. I Wish you and your families a very Blessed Thanksgiving.



We put our tree up tonight. I love this time of year. My kids are getting bigger and it seems like time just flies by. It's little moments like putting ornaments on a tree together that I truly cherish. I get so sentimental when I see there little master pieces of years ago. My favorite ornament of my 15 year old was his hand print when he was 5. My favorite from my 7 year old is his first clay ornament he made when he was 2. It seems like only yesterday we where celebrating  Their first Christmas.
 See they are adorable!
Two years ago we had my oldest blow his own glass ornament. That was a blast!
I would like to show you all my Christmas box. My mother-in-law, made this for me last year for Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful.You have to check out her blog.

school project

finished project

My husband and son surprised us by making the cutest tee-pee for a class project. They used felt, glue, yarn, and sticks from our yard.



I have to share this joke with all my blogger friends who have husbands like mine. I hope you enjoy it.
 A husband read an article to his wife about how many words women use a day… 30,000 to a man’s 15,000. The wife replied, “The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything to men. The husband then turned to his wife and asked, “What?”


I am asking for help from everyone. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and I'm looking for some recipe ideas. Anything would be helpful.


I  FINALLY made a necklace! I have been meaning to, and meaning to, and then I got into felting and oops.... anyway tada!!!!! haha  I keep looking ahead going "oh wait, the holidays are coming." I have to do ornaments soon, and cookies, and fudge, and candy,..... I don't know how I will balance crafting and the holidays, but I can't wait to jump into it all.
Sophie (the dog) loved this, Callie (the cat) not so much haha!
With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought I would show off last years Christmas card picture. I am trying to top it and I would love some ideas. I'm thinking elves this year.



While drinking my morning coffee, I looked out the window to see 2 deer grazing in the backyard. I love living in the country.

Family Fun

We went to my Grandparents house for a bonfire/hayride. I love looking at my grandma's fairy houses she makes from rocks. They are so cute!

Then we celebrated Nana's birthday with a Harry Potter cake. The bakery that made it is our families favorite bakery. They made my sons cake for his birthday as well and it was an Ipod. Anyway what a fun family weekend.

Why oh Why

Have you ever had one of these days where you could pull your hair out and its not even 9 in the morning. I have been trying to get over a sinus infection (the weather is not wanting to help) so I have not been feeling good. I woke up at 5:30 as usual to start the kids off to school. My oldest tried to sleep in haha but I got him to the bus on time, my youngest however woke up whiny, feverish, and coughing.  Every mom knows what that means. A kid at home with a possible trip to the doctor. I starting meds for the fever and calmly telling him he will be fine. (he is a worrier lol) After what felt like an eternity the coughing calmed down, fever disappeared and a hyper 7 year old was left. (Normally my baby is so sweet, but when he is sick watch out!) I made a doctor appt. cleaned spilled juice, toys, and what ever food was dropped while trying and stress trying to keep him laying down. ( I swear Tylenol makes him way more hyper) He crashed for a nap and I was left with an hour of peace. Unfortunately that meant an hour to clean do dishes and get in the shower before leaving for a doctors appt. After doctors, store for prescription, and shopping for dinner(which ended up being pajamas and a toy) I opted to pick up chick-fil-la, head home and crash on the couch and try to get rid off the beginning of a massive headache. I thought by the time I got home my oldest son and my husband would be home. Haha. My oldest was home from school, but  had 10 kids over playing football( which immediately set the youngest into a "why can't I play" plead) and my husband had a late meeting. Unable to lay down I played a game with youngest, while we ate and waited for daddy to come home. After what I would call an exhausting day(please remember that I am sick as well, which we found out at the doctors that I have his cold on top of my sinus infection), I  have finally managed to have the house in order and I'm getting ready for bed. I know I will have another interesting day because my youngest still has a fever and it looks like I will have company tomorrow haha.


More Felting

I am trying very hard to come up with some cute felting ideas. Today I made a soda can, and a piece of ham & cheese loaf(I am working on the container for it). I fixed the lettuce, and the tomato slice but I still don't like my tomato. I really enjoy doing this but I think I get frustrated because I want to be better than I am. I have ideas pouring out of my head but I just can't get it right so I am working on patience too lol. My son looked at the new things and said "Is all this for me!" It just made me melt. I love my kids!!!!


Everyday Life

I spent the whole day at  appts. for kids and pets. I have a killer headache, and am exhausted. I am going to call it an early night. I am still working on my felt food. Tonight I am trying to perfect my stitching. I have so many cool ideas in my head I just hope I can get it done right. It is so hard to try and figure out how to make it work. I have to say that I am having a blast though.



Today I tried making play food out of felt. I started with a pizza, then I did a sandwich and a drumstick. I actually enjoyed it!!! I try to avoid things that require hand sewing but after mastering a blanket stitch everything was a breeze. I am now trying to think of other things to make. Preston is ecstatic with his new toys haha. I had to give up tonight because my hands are aching lol.